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GBSInsider’s online data analytics platform and print-on-demand reports, supplemented by information provided by your claims administrator and GBS advisor, will take an inside look into your company’s information to relieve you from burdensome guesswork and empower you with the answers and confidence you need to make the best decisions in allocating your healthcare dollars. For more information on GBSInsider, please contact your GBS advisor or visit www.gallagherbenefits.com.

Demographic Report

Demographic Reports Details

Report Name Definition
Age-Sex Analysis Report categories Compares the group's age and sex cohorts with the benchmark population and develops a composite Age.Sex factor for the group to tailor benchmark data
Age-Sex Factor Trend Report Tracks historical changes over time in the group's population size and Age-Sex factor
Enrollment by Member Relationship Compares the group's distribution of members by type (employee, spouse, child) with the benchmark population to illustrate potential adverse selection by spouses or possible existence of enrolled ineligible children
Membership Count Shows the group's historical monthly count of employees and dependents
Member Turnover Report Details the members joining and leaving and the average turnover for a given timeframe

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