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Looking for state-of-the-art technical services that can help you control your employee benefits costs?
At Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., we are focused on delivering valuable tools to help our clients make informed health plan decisions. Managing health plan costs involves maintaining a large volume of plan data. Often, it is difficult to extract the information needed from cumbersome claims, eligibility, and revenue databases, especially when the data comes from multiple sources. In a continuing effort to help you understand and manage the cost of your medical benefit plans, Gallagher Benefit Services has developed GBSInsider, which offers innovative data analytics of medical and benefit plan costs and utilization.
GBSInsider is an innovative, easy-to-use reporting tool that helps you determine what forces are driving health plan costs and utilization trends, compare these trends to relevant benchmarks, target actionable opportunities to effectively manage key plan metrics, and take control of your benefits costs.
GBSInsider takes a panoramic look inside your company information to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the costs associated with your medical benefit plan. With GBSInsider, clients will be able to assess where, how, and to what end healthcare dollars are being spent. GBSInsider offers unique benchmarking information that is statistically credible. The cost and utilization data are collected from over four million employees covered by health benefit plans throughout the United States. With authentic benchmark data only available through GBSInsider, clients are able to accurately measure company results and gain factual insight to determine the most cost-effective and focused plan changes needed to better control or reduce costs.
Gain access to data that helps you control your risks through the GBSInsider expert suite of claims data reporting.

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